About Advertising Here

All you do is click on the box saying “Advertise Here” under the post or the ones on the right on the side of the website, add your email and name and link of your website and title of your banner. and upload your banner image. It is in pixels (as in 125 x 125 pixels, or 180 x 150 pixels ) Then make your payment via Paypal with your debit card or credit card.

Banner ads are shown on a per week basis for the ones on the right side or per month for the ones placed under the post.The ones under the post will be the same ads seen when you are reading the posts as you scroll down to read the articles.I can’t do anything to change to a different ad for each post at the moment.

Paypal may attempt to get you to create an account with Paypal,  but you don’t have to do that.
Then all ad space banner submissions are put under review and with any luck your ad should be published.
Donations are accepted via Paypal as well. There is no refund for making a donation as those are ones that people decide  to offer.

I only have this method of payment.If you make your payment and you want to cancel it, I will try to send back the payment via the method of payment made. But please be absolutely sure you wish to buy advertising as I might run your ad, process the payment and take it for granted that you really do wish to advertise here. I don’t do repeat refunds if someone changes their mind suddenly after ordering.

Having said all that, there is no obligation for you to buy anything or donate if you don’t wish to.I don’t mind people who are browsing. But if you do, your contribution is truly appreciated and I will spend it wisely.

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