Inside New Online Supermarket Star Bargains Which Saves You 75 Per Cent Off Your Shopping Bill


We are all looking for ways to save money on our supermarket shop, aren’t we?

A trip to the store can be stressful – especially when your kids are screaming in the trolley, wanting to be everywhere else.

The cost is skyrocketing with every item you put in your basket – so how do we save cash?

One online supermarket believes it help millions of people save money – by offering them significant reductions on their food shop.

Star Bargains launched in April this year and is being rolled out to consumers across the UK and Europe, reports the Mirror .

It’s the online website of Yorkshire-based frozen food retailer Fultons Foods, which has 100 stores across the North of England.

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What makes Star Bargains so unique is that – unlike current market leaders Aldi and Lidl – it promises to save you as much as 75% on branded items because of exclusive partnerships with manufacturers.

Its model is to buy surplus stock from supermarkets and sell it on at knock off prices.

“Over recent years we have seen a rise in the popularity of discounters who offer own brand products at low prices such as Aldi and Lidl,” explained Karen Gunter, director at Fultons Foods.

“We compliment these types of retailers – meeting the needs of those shoppers who want big savings but prefer to stick with big name brands and family favourites.

“We offer deals on food and drink items which have been sourced directly from manufacturers or bought as surplus stock.

“In addition to this, we also sell some items which are sold at even bigger discounts as they are close to or past their best before dates – these are clearly labelled and are perfectly fine to eat, but would otherwise end up contributing to the millions of tonnes of food that is discarded every year in the UK which could’ve been eaten.”

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The items available change every few days, with 250 new products added each month – right now there are around 900 to choose from.

Star Bargains offers four different categories online – retailing around 900 different products.

These include a ‘home basics’ aisle for kitchen cupboard essentials, ‘posh nosh’ for premium brands, and ‘Fultons Foods’ which includes items for sale already in the shop’s branches.

These also include gluten free, vegan and baby food products.