Traffic Zion Review

Here is my review of the Traffic Zion Software and so far,it is going great.I found a really good description of the way the software works on Facebook and this person described it perfectly.And here it is.

You load the keywords into TZ. TZ then goes to  wordpress dot com  and searches using one of those keywords for any post that has been tagged with the same keyword. TZ then adds a “like” to that post and moves on to the next post that has that tag and the next and so on. If it finds no posts tagged with that first keyword it moves on to the second keyword and continues in that way until it stops. The “stop” point is determined by the software based on what would be considered reasonable human behavior if a person was manually doing exactly the same thing.

You do not GET likes for a keyword, you are giving them. Demetris actually shows himself doing this manually in the training videos then points out he does not have to do it anymore because TZ does it for him automatically. From that point forward TZ has done its work for the day and will resume later.

SOME of the wordpress users that receive a like from you may go to your Gravatar profile to check out who has given them the like. After that SOME may follow your wordpress dot com blog or self hosted blog or YouTube channel depending on what is showing on your Gravatar profile page. SOME may follow the link on your Gravatar page and if that link leads to an interesting or valuable website or property they may sign up for you offer, click on your affiliate links or buy your product.

You have to have set up your wordpress blog first.Whether it is via wordpress dot com the free version or the self-hosted version.This is important.Then you have to connect your account to  your Gravatar account and then add a profile picture and your websites that are running on wordpress as well so you followers know who they are following.

You can add up to 5 – 10 keyword phrases or tags into the software.To get better results get the Tribe upgrade so at least up to ten posts are chosen yourself and are promoted via the WordPress Reader where you are reading other peoples’s blogs and are liking and following them.

You can also use the vps server so you are not leaving your computer on all day and night so the software can do it’s thing.You purchase a monthly subscription for using the vps (virtual private server) server, and using a remote connection via a remote desktop connection via Windows.You use the credentials that were given in your account to connect to the vps server.Then you click on it after it has downloaded via the settings section in your Windows computer, and you may have to enter the password to your vps server again to have a look at it.

At this point you copy and paste the Traffic Zion software that you downloaded earlier and you re-enter your registration email and that’s it.Don’t forget to turn on the Traffic Zion software inside the vps server so it can do it’s thing and bring you followers, likes and gradually more traffic to your WordPress website.Don’t forget to add tags to your posts as that will play a part in bringing likes to your website and to your posts.

Also,write blog posts that are of value to your readers.Remember they have to read something worthwhile when visiting your blog.

It also takes time, patience and regularly writing an article or two a day, good posts to get consistent results.

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