Bargains Vs. Quality: When Are People Willing To Spend More?

“I think it’s fine if you have a designer or a product you feel is exceptional quality and buy it. But, it’s also good to have an open mind to other products that don’t have the name recognition but have the goods,” she said.

If cash is king, then who gets to don the biggest and best crown? Quality or bargain buys? According to a recent online survey by Avya Skincare, the “average consumer” (defined by 2,000 people polled across the nation in May 2018) cared most about quality when it came to […]

There are some interesting divides: Per the survey, when it comes to tattoos, millennials are 33 percent more concerned about the quality of their ink than baby boomers.

And there is a gender divide when it comes to beauty products: Women are 31 percent more concerned with the quality of beauty products than men.

“Keep in mind, just because an item is a great deal doesn’t mean you should get it,” Pavini said. “I feel we have been trained to check to see if there is a coupon or sale before we make a purchase. Technology has made it so that many consumers come to expect some type of coupon, sale, promotion or discount on their purchases.”

Lorraine Osipczuk, 47, of Naperville, Ill., considers herself a bargain shopper. She’s not afraid to haggle, but if she walks away from a purchase and finds she can’t get the item out of her head, she will go back to buy it regardless of price. She also finds herself picking a product that falls in the middle of a high-low price range if she can’t decide which product to choose.

“In situations like car repair or anything having to be fixed, I’ll worry why is a price so low, and with the high price, I really don’t want to pay that much,” Osipczuk said. “Most of the time it boils down to: I just don’t have that much; I can’t spend that much.”