Disclaimer on submitting articles

Sometimes the owner of this website (Joanne) will at times share articles written by other people,  or from within the WordPress Reader, but will always try to keep the link to the original writer or person who wrote the post in with the article or post.

That’s why when people submit posts that they leave an original link back to the writer of the post if possible to give credit.

Please submit an article of around 500 – 600 words about what bargains did

you see this week? what would you consider to be a bargain? Favourite second-hand shops?

Where did you find it? The name of the shop where you found such a bargain. Shorter posts are acceptable but only up to 400 words or so.  When you enter your article in the form, please include a link or url with it, it can be to your website or the website of the shop. It can also be a link to an article online which inspired you to write the article. Also include a featured image by uploading one to add to your article if you can.

I will not allow posts on politics because it is too contentious and none about sex or explicit content.